The teaching lab

Beside the very specific instruments available in several research laboratories at UCBL (mainly at the Institute of Analytical Science), students have access to different equipments used for pratical works and projects. These equipments are all located on a technical platform of 500 m2 exclusively dedicated to teaching.


1   Perkin Elmer   GC/MS/MS 680-iQTOF 
1   Perkin Elmer Clarus GC/MS 680-SQ8 
2   Perkin Elmer   Clarus GC/MS 580-SQ


Molecular Spectroscopy RMN

Bruker spectrometer RMN 400 MHz (9,4 Teslas)



UHPLC Chromatography

Thermo Electron Accela : quaternary gradient - DAD 
Shimadzu Nexera : binary gradient HP - DAD 
Agilent  Série1290 : binary gradient HP - DAD



Perkin Elmer  Nexion: ICP-MS
1  Perkin Elmer Avio 200: ICP-OES


Liquid Chromatography 

Thermo Chaine Surveyor: quaternary gradient - DAD 
Agilent Série1100 : quaternary gradient - DAD 
Perkin Elmer Flexar : quaternary gradient DAD 
Agilent Série1100 : quaternary gradient
Shimadzu Isocratic modular 
Shimadzu Low pressure gradient 
Shimadzu High pressure gradient


  Gas  Chromatography

Perkin Elmer Clarus 500, autosampler, FID et NPD 
Perkin Elmer  Autosystem XL, HeadSpace, FID 
Perkin Elmer Autosystem XL, autosampler, FID 
Agilent 6850 FID 
Shimatdzu GC 2010


Molecular Spectroscopy

  2   Perkin Elmer Fluorimeter 
  3  Thermo Electron IRTF ATR 
14  Perkin Elmer UV- visible 
  2  Shimadzu UV-visible 


Atomic Spectroscopy

Thermo Electron M6 : AA- Zeenan oven flame effect
Perkin Elmer AAnalyst 400 
Perkin Elmer  AA 3130 
1 Scherwoo Atomic Emission


Automatic Titration

Metrhom potentiometer, Spectrophotometer, Karl-Fischer 


Ion Chromatography

2   Metrohm Série 800