EuroMaster® Label


The processus of Bologne urged the universities to develop comparable diplomas at European level, readable by both students and companies. In order to help in the implementation of this process and in the context of an european project "Tuning Educational Structures in Europe", the European Chemistry Thematic Network (ECTN) developed in 2003 a framework for a Bachelor degree entitled "Eurobachelor®" and another framework "EuroMaster®"  for a master degree approved by EuChemS in 2006. Actualy, the ECTN organizes the delivery of EuroMaster® Label after studying the structure of the organism asking for the label by an international committee. 

In 2007, the University of Claude Bernard adhered to a certification proceudre nearby the ECTN during the creation of the consortium of 9 universties which each individually offer a Master Program with a great emphasis on analytical sciences. The consortium obtained the label of EuroMaster ® in april 2008 which recognized the international level of the involvement of partners in the education of analytical sciences.

This tend driven by the consorium reflects the will of the European Union to have strong skills in the field of measurement. Indeed, 40% of the instrutions from UE require measures. A significant part of those measures are based on chemical analysis and the cost is actually 80 milliards of euros. However, despite the importance of the measures, most of them did not show a sufficient quality (in a trial, the same sample was analyzed by over than 100 laboratories, nearly the half of the results were not satisfactory). The main reason of this situation is linked to the insufficient training of the techniciens and of their reponsibles. Thus, the aim of the consortium "  Measurement Science in Chemistry" is to offer an education in Measurement Science which enables students to build those skills which are needed to obtain reliable results in chemical and bio-analysis.

In addition, the consortium has set up a summer school which is very important part of the curriculum of the Euromaster Measurement Science in Chemistry Program. This promgram is also open to a limited number of external students. In fact, this summer school is the only one in its kind in the world! For two weeks, students from all across the world are thaught what it is like to work in an accredited analytical laboratory. This summer school allows through formal and informal exchanges to create a community between the future leaders of the analysis in the european union.




The consortium

University of Tartu, Tartu, Estonia (Master of Science in Measurement Science)

Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznañ, Poland (Master Science of Chemistry)

Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Lublin, Poland (Master of Science in Chemistry)

University of Warsaw, Warszawa, Poland (Master of Science in Measurement Science)

University Claude Bernard, Lyon, France (Master of Science, Analytical science and Control)

University of Maribor, Maribor, Slovenia (Master of Science, Chemistry or Chemical Engineering)

University of Lisbon, Lisboa, Portugal (Master of Science in Analytical Chemistry)

Univeristy of Oulo, Finland (Master of Chemistry)

Vrije Universiteir Brussel, Belgium ( Master of Chemistry)

Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements, Joint Research Center, European Commission, Belgium.