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Master Analysis and Control is supported by AXELERA, the "Chemistry and environment French competitive cluster".

What is AXELERA?

AXELERA is one of the 71 French “competitiveness cluster” initiated by the French government in September 2004. It is a non-profit organization.
The ambition of AXELERA is to build a global industrial and scientific network that combines Chemistry and the Environment. Thus, the cluster brings together companies, research centers and educational institutions in order to develop synergies and cooperative efforts.

The cluster’s strategic view, looking forward to 2015, is described below.

Excellence in global terms on five strategic themes, making it possible to specify technological solutions to answer the environmental and social challenges of tomorrow:
fleche_gris Renewable raw materials;
fleche_gris Eco-efficient factories;
fleche_gris Chemicals & materials for manufacturing industries;
fleche_gris Recycling & recyclability;
fleche_gris Preservation & restoration of natural and urban areas.

Four resulting strategic objectives:
fleche_gris a network of members representing the chemistry and environment “value chain”;
fleche_gris shared instruments representing practical collaboration in the form of technological “platforms” (Axel’One and similar initiatives that have received certification);
fleche_gris a cluster that embraces development in professional activities in relevant fields, in collaboration with bodies concerned with initial and continuing training;
fleche_gris a cluster of global reputation that collaborates with clusters internationally, while remaining strongly established nationally, and particularly in the Rhône-Alpes region.


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