The master degree


A training course dedicated to physico-chemical analysis

  • For a career as an expert in the industry or in research
  • From R&D to Quality Control
  • From the laboratory to the industrial process
  • In all activities where there is a transformation process, from the petro-chemistry industry to food
  • processing, from construction to nuclear industries and not forgetting the pharmaceutical industry
  • and the environment.

A career at the heart of organisations and essential to modern society

  • Developing high performing methods whilst minimising costs
  • Guaranteeing quality standards in a competitive environment
  • Committing to a sustainable development approach

A course focussed on training specialists

  • With great expertise in analytical and sampling methods
  • With a set of management and communication skills
  • And with an international outlook

A teaching philosophy to develop independence

  • A sandwich course whatever the choice of speciality
  • Internships and missions within companies and laboratories to promote one’s potential
  • Apprenticeship and professional contracts better prepare students for integration into the  professional world
  • Individual and group project work
  • International exchanges with the Euromaster Summer School consortium


   Making  the difference