The Institute of Analytical Sciences 


The Institute of Analytical Sciences (ISA) is one of the largest european centers of research, training and expertise in this field. The institute brings together more than 200 scientists and technical staff with a range of expertise from theoretical chemistry through modelisation, biochemistry, analytical chemistry to physics. ISA has also a wide and cutting edge equipment even world-class instrumentation.

Institute has set up its research activities into 5 axis : Mass Spectrometry, Modeling & Applied Analysis, NMR Spectroscopy, Separative Sciences, and Surfaces, (bio-)Interfaces, Micro/nanosystems. Research focuses on the development of new methods through continuing technological innovation for analysis of challenging systems across disciplines, with applications in bio-medicine, computational methods, environment, materials science and structural biology.

Most of the academic staff members of the Master have permanent positions at the Institute of Analytical Sciences and develop their research project there.


For more informations, please visit the website : Institute of Analytical Sciences.